Founded in 1998 Inducs AG is now one of the leading companies in the field of industrial induction.
We specialize in developing, manufacturing and selling innovative induction equipment and components for the hospitality industry. The company's core competence lies in the induction, if not build induction, that is our strength and advantage for you. The development of the revolutionary RTCs ® - and RTCSmp ® technology Inducs AG this means that for the first temperature-controlled to cooking and keeping warm.

The emergence of induction:

Moving magnetic fields generate electrical currents and voltages in the conductors - similar as a storm with lightning. Induction units are equipped with generators and coils generate invisible force fields and associated controls.
JC Maxwell (1831-1879) associated electric charge density and electrical current density on the electric and magnetic field magnitudes.
H. Lenz (1804-1865) introduced the control of the direction of an induced electric current. Lines of force as a precursor of the induction. Each time-varying magnetic field is surrounded by a closed electric field lines (law of induction).

Important factors: energy efficiency, speed and safety at work
Up to 80% energy savings with induction technology
"Induction works quickly and only where it is needed: in the bottom of the pan." Compared to conventional cleaning difficult respond hobs, induction hobs should never be heated and kept warm.
Temperature-controlled induction cooking devices with contactless temperature measurement and control in a short time.
RTCS® - Realtime Temperature Control System
The RTCS® developed and patented by INDUCS ensures controlled cooking for the temperature on the heater. The pan base and electronic equipment are coordinated exactly.
The programmable display is easy to operate. For example, recurrent food cooked exactly equal, recipes and cooking processes coordinated productive. The kitchen staff do not recommend more permanently high or low temperature cooking. Only stirring occasionally.
Revolutionary: The heat is generated directly on the food in the bottom of the pan to be cooked. The non-contact, real-time temperature measurement of the induction pan in increments of 1 ° C, is absolutely unique.
Induction units RTCS® technology you can cook with power, cooking with Hold function and cooking temperature.

INDUCS induction for desktop and chassis units with and without
RTCS® technology are certified and offer a high standard of quality and safety.

Safety for our partners and their end users
VDE and ITL / ITS certified modules of the cooking and hot Equipment, are of high quality and safety guarantees INDUCS products.

Meanwhile Inducs also belonged to the Welbilt.