Liquid metal on the rise as a finish

Liquid Metal or cold metal, ever heard of it? Unknown makes unloved, but whoever sees it, falls steeply back. A fireplace finished with a lightweight gold top layer in the popular residential program 'VT Wonen Weer Verliefd op je Huis' resulted in a flood of requests. Rightly so. But... this finish is also popular in the hospitality industry. Precisely because of that shine, fine smooth finish and phenomenal appearance.

liquid metal = ....
A natural product, so no metals in your interior.
Light in weight, so much easier to use in large or high constructions.
Beautiful in every color and every finish, we can polish it as shiny as the customer wishes and it is also special with a matte finish.

Even more inspiration;
Liquid Metal is ideal for decorative objects, on furniture and in interior construction. A back wall for the kitchen in liquid metal? super chic! And do you show that again in a drop-off counter or reception? Beautifully consistent! For advice and application, Culion works together with the men from Quality Interior Art, look here for more beautiful things: Quality Interior Art