Frescoes and 3D wallpaper: everyone knows them, but you have to have the guts to apply them. You really get the best result if you can paste seamlessly, so it's really tailor-made.
The spectacular designs of Affreschi & Affreschi steal the show in the hotel industry, but also in regular catering and company restaurants. The more daring boutique hotels certainly dare to do this, although we also see that the catering industry likes to go big, often in consultation with a stylist.
Take this example: an example image of this wallpaper from Affreschi & Affreschi adorns the QIA website. The owner of a hotel in Utrecht saw it, slept on it and then ordered it in a length of 9 meters.... And then you have an entrance!
But the cladding panels in shops and company restaurants are also popular objects outside the walls on which it is most often used.
For advice and application, Culion works together with the men from Quality Interior Art, look here for more beautiful things: Quality Interior Art