Rack conveyer Various

1. Rack conveyor ; a rack conveyor could be used fot lengthening the conveyor.
2. Extra double strainer ; These  could be mounthed everywhere under the conveyor.
3. Extra emergency button complete with cable ; These could be mounted on each place of the conveyor, or has to be used when the conveyor is nog complete with rackstation (on the sorting unit ther is standard mounted an emergency button).
4. Extra pair of legs ; could be used by a curve, when the curve is placed in the middle of the conveyor.
5.  Pre-rinse insert ; this is needed when there is a pre-rinsemachine placed between the conveyor. ATTENTION! A pre-rinsemachine is something completely different as the pre-rinse unit as mentioned in this pricelist.
6. Bandage cleaning sprayer ; a bandage cleaning sprayer is always mounted at the beginning of the conveyor and has to be used when the conveyor is not foreseen of a pre-prinse unit or if there is an accelerator unit placed before the pre-rinse unit so that the bandage before the accelerator unit would not be cleaned by the pre-rinse unit.
7. non left-over unit ; a non left-over unit is mounted in the sortingunit instead of a basketprofile. the non left-over unit is complete with sprayer for cleaning the inside of pans and bins.

Lengthening conveyor
Length: 1000 Width: 620 Height: 900
€ 2593,00
Extra double strainer
Length: 260 Width: 620 Height: 150
€ 1808,00
Extra emergency button with cable
Length: - Width: - Height: -
€ 419,00
Extra pair of legs
Length: 40 Width: 620 Height: 900
€ 374,00
Pre-Rinse insert
Length: 600 Width: 540 Height: 250
€ 2875,00
Bandage cleaning sprayer
Length: - Width: - Height: -
€ 397,00
Non left-over unit
Length: 505 Width: 541 Height: 106
€ 1419,00