Tray conveyor Various

1. Driving unit ; The driving unit takes care fot the drive of the conveyor. The motor is alsways placed on the end of the conveyor.
2. Accumulating sensor; the accumulating sensor is always mounted at the place  where the trays will be put on the conveyor. The sensor recognize the tray and let the conveyor drive untill there is enough space that there could be placed new trays at the conveyor.
3. Outlet unit ; the outlet unit is placed at the beginning of the conveyor, at the place where the trays are put on the conveyor.
4. Extra pair of legs ; there has to be placed extra pair of legs when the overstrain of the conveyor is larger then 2000 mm.
5. Sensorbridge ; the sensorbridge is always placed at the end of the conveyor. The sensorbridge will stop the conveyor when a tray with dinner-service will pass under the bridge.
6. Accelerator unit ; an accelerator unit has to be used if the conveyor is complete with curve. The accelerator unit takes care that the trays pulled out of each other before they come at the curve, so they wont't stick into the curve.

Driving unit
Length: 600 Width: 410 Height: 900
€ 7399,00
Accumulating sensor
Length: - Width: - Height: -
€ 1032,00
Outlet unit
Length: 500 Width: 410 Height: 900
€ 2761,00
Extra pair of legs
Length: 40 Width: 410 Height: 900
€ 227,00
Length: - Width: - Height: -
€ 553,00
Accelerator unit
Length: 500 Width: 410 Height: 900
€ 4305,00