Wall cooling furniture, breadth 1800mm, without cooling unit

Specificaties WKM1800
Temperature range +4 ° C / +16 ° C at max. 28 ° C ambient temperature, max.relative humidity 60% and dependence on draft / external air flows
Stainless steel furniture, black enamelled interior
3 height-adjustable glass shelves
1 LED lighting strip at the top
Digital temperature readout
Forced air cooling by means of air vent in the rear wall and an air curtain from top to bottom in front of the shelves.
Connection to solid floor / condensation water via drain
Prepared to mount roller shutter (opening at the top)
GN containers not included
Automatic defrost
Outside not finished (insulation visible)
Executed as a built-in unit (finishing external walls optional)
Bowl suitable for 4x1 / 1 GN max. 100 mm
Low-hanging in frame
Display area 2.67 M2
Ventilated cooling R449a
External Dimensions (WxDxH) mm: 1800x840x2220
Internal dimensions (WxDxH) mm: 1604x630x1040
Shelf depth: 380 mm
Connection capacity 150 Watt with separate installation
Equipped with 40 mm insulation
230 V / 50 Hz / 2600)Watt cooling capacity at evaporating temperature of -10 ° C

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Model Titel Codenummer. Prijs
RL 1200 Rolling shutter for WKM 1200 electric with key switch 4.10.691.710-i € 1542,00
RL 1400 Rolling shutter for WKM 1400 electric with key switch 4.10.691.712-i € 1577,00
RL 1500 Rolling shutter for WKM 1500 electric with key switch 4.10.691.713-i € 1598,00
RL 1600 Rolling shutter for WKM 1600 electric with key switch 4.10.691.711-i € 1616,00
RL 1800 Rolling shutter for WKM 1800 electric with key switsch 4.10.691.714-i € 1654,00
2 pieces Mini TL interieur lights along both sides instead of 1 Mini TL (On request) 849
Additional price incl. cooling unit (not in stock) (On request) 850
Equipped with conversion (On request) 851
Inside in different color (On request) 852
Other dimensions available on request 853
Wall cooling furniture conversion (On request) 854