Exclusive Decorative Finishes

The Exclusive Decorative Finishes Culion works with are realized by Quality Interior Art and are all special in their kind. This way we can finish walls that resemble tile walls, but are not. Or think of the effect of burnt wood..,  Whatever idea you have, we have a solution for almost everything. From metal effects to crocodile leather effects, or from aged effects to all kinds of special templates; we are trained to apply these effects sublime to your walls or furniture.

Think of:
  • Stone wall behind your open restaurant kitchen.
  • Burned wood
  • Outdated effect
  • Customized effects
  • Templates
  • Liquid metal

Buffets, counters, pantries, cabinets and even stoves; We can also give your restaurant interior a look with our decorative finishes. Looking for a complete kitchen design? We tailor them to you in the color and finish you want!

Whether you need to furnish a restaurant, hotel or a business catering facility. With our products, all walls in your working environment come to life. With our top quality decorative wall finishes you not only create a special atmosphere in your home, but also high-profile and endless variations in your office and in the public areas within your company.

Would you like to transform your dishwashing kitchen, preparation kitchen or public sanitary facilities into an attractive environment? We have a wide range of products that can be used in these wet areas. Our products are breathable, washable and water resistant. For example, we have often been able to use the trendy concrete look, each with its own color and atmosphere. Ask about the possibilities!

Looking for something unique for your restaurant kitchen or business catering facility? Something that no one has and something that gives your space or interior the right atmosphere? Culion, in collaboration with Quality Interior Art, specializes in customization and / or restyling, for example, of a refrigerator, cold store or serving furniture in your open kitchen. Whatever idea you have, we will make it for you!

A selection of the brands that Quality Interior Art works with are:

VeroMetal - PM Lisse
VeroMetal is a cold liquid metal that can be applied to almost any surface by spraying, spatula or rolling. After application, the object has all the properties of the metal in question. Not a finish that looks like metal, but real metal such as bronze, copper, zinc, iron, etc. With great design freedom as a result.
It adheres very well to almost any surface and does not break or peel. And because of the metal finish it is extremely suitable for sanding, polishing, patination and oxidation, which guarantees every object or project a unique and characteristic appearance.

Affreschi & Affreschi
Inspired by the frescoes of the great masters of Italian art history, Affreschi & Affreschi creates custom murals from the best natural raw materials including
Carrara marble, travertine and lime. This composition provides a special structure with the look and feel of a real wall.

Made in Italy
Quality and craftsmanship come together in the murals, which are completely handmade and custom made to order by experienced master plasterers. The result is
custom-made wall covering of 1 mm thick flexible plaster.

Giorgio Graesan
This Milan-based company supplies an extensive collection of special wall finishes and is known for the use of natural materials and innovative products.
Passion for creativity, quality and beautiful materials, that is what this family business stands for.
The focus is on creating innovative products that make our living environment pleasant.
The Giorgio Graesan products are used worldwide and prescribed by architects,
The clientele includes names such as Hilton, Gucci and Bvlgari.

With this stucco, a product of the Italian supplier Giorgio Graesan, based on marble and lime, endless structure possibilities can be realized.
From a weathered concrete look to a natural stone effect or more creative finishes. In addition to the existing Istinto systems, customization in terms of color and structure is also possible, entirely according to the customer's wishes. Istinto is breathable and anti-bacterial.