March 1. 2024

Salesbook 2024

Dear relations,
With effect from March 1. 2024, we will use the new Sales Book. This can be downloaded via the link: Salesbook 2024.  You can request the sales book from us. Of course we would like te hear any comments and questions.
January 15., 2024

Result Laboratorium

Athos Catering Supplies has been a household name in Bergen op Zoom and the surrounding area for years and mainly supplies a large group of regular customers from the region.
From cutlery to crockery and from refrigerator to custom projects.
We are therefore pleased that we were able to provide this beautiful company restoration facility together with Marco Vermond at "Result Laboratory" in Zevenbergen.
Athos has once again succeeded in providing this customer with an excellent end result with the right advice.
January 12., 2024

New Era Ecotone

The New Era collection features four new panels in Ecotone®. This clearly shows all the know-how of Quartzforms® and optimally expresses the unparalleled aesthetic value. By combining different elements, the plates get a new look, as it were: this is the infinite appeal of the metamorphosis. Gold is a shiny plate, characterized by veins in warm tones. The sea green of Atlantis, on the other hand, is furrowed with fine and subtle light stripes. The gray of Mystic is illuminated by unexpected flashes of light and the anthracite/black of Nirvana by a pattern of fleeting sparkles. Four seductive surfaces, with classical influences and a contemporary look.

If you would also like to apply this to your buffet or other furniture, please ask via

January 11., 2024

Exclusive wall/furniture/buffet/bar/counter finish

Discover the ultimate transformation for your restaurant, company restaurant or reception area with our exclusive wall & furniture finish. We strive to create a unique and sophisticated look that perfectly matches the style of your company. With our special finish for walls and furniture, we lift your business space to a higher level of atmospheric elegance.
January 9., 2024

Floor channels action

Robust heavy version in 2mm stainless steel 304 with a choice of a bottom spout or horizontal spout.
Provided with:
>Gross waste sieve with handle
>Smell trap
>Height-adjustable robust M10 threaded bolts (4x)
>Connection 75/76mm

A strong gutter that retains its shape and can be fitted with stainless steel slot grids, stainless steel mesh grids or a 5mm thick cover plate with water gutter.

The 1000mm version is available from stock.
Drawings can be downloaded from

Now extra attractively priced, ask your dealer!
January 8.. 2024

Dirt scraper

An indispensable part of the dishwashing kitchen......

Now extra competitively priced, ask your dealer!
October 30., 2023

Schouten Toren

A great project and this time not from one of our major relations but from an extremely competent small company that has already made its mark in the industrial kitchen market.
Hoblo from Woerden is this company that does not have a project every month, but that can show its skills several times a year with a total project to its mainly regular customer base and we can say that Hoblo always succeeds in creating something beautiful from it. to make.
We are therefore pleased that we have once again been able to deliver a nice package of custom work for Hoblo for the "Schouten Toren" project.
October 27., 2023

The inductiongrill you must have!

Instinct Inducs grill, little heat output, fast and energy efficient!
Can be found in our book on pages 23 & 24
October 26., 2023

Transform your meeting room, showroom or presentation space with...wallpaper!

Some people associate wallpaper with boring, dull or old-fashioned.... From now on, put all these arguments aside and be convinced by beautiful designs to make spaces chic, robust, attractive or relaxing. Nowadays, techniques have been so well developed that wallpaper appears lifelike. Choose photo wallpaper, or wallpaper with impressive metal tones and designs, or perhaps your heart beats faster with natural structures and shapes. Nothing is impossible!
For advice and application, Culion works together with the men of Quality Interior Art, look here for more beautiful things: Quality Interior Art