As the market leader in professional kitchen technology, the Swiss induction specialist Inducs has been a global leader for many years. Since its founding in 1998, the brand has been providing the latest equipment for catering industrial kitchens with characteristic Swiss precision. Inducs specializes in the (further) development and production of efficient induction solutions for both cooking and grilling. It can provide any type of industrial kitchen with the right equipment. We at Culion are therefore pleased to be able to act as an importer of Inducs.

Wok and grill with Inducs
Inducs products are fully geared to professional use. The best chefs therefore swear by catering equipment from Inducs. Inducs induction cooking and grill plates therefore guarantee a safe, pleasant and high-quality professional working environment for professional chefs. The equipment also stands for durability, reliability and unparalleled perfection.

Immediately since the introduction of induction cooking in the mid-1990s, Inducs entered the market. From the very beginning, the Swiss brand has believed in the added value of this new way of cooking. In the decades that followed, it has continued to develop its products and continues to do so. As a result, you save as much as 40 percent on energy with induction cooking and possibly even more in the future.

Inducs has divided its range into two main categories: cooking and grilling. Different lines can be distinguished within this. Inducs thus offers a solution for every type of industrial kitchen.

Inducs cooking
Inducs offers three four different series in the field of cooking: Table Top, Install-Line, Compactmodul and Modul-Line. The induction hobs from the Table Top line are free-standing and can therefore be used on a table or worktop. They are therefore easy to move and can be used anywhere. Within this line, special wok hobs with a curvature are available, with which a wok pan can be heated perfectly evenly. The same series are available as built-in appliances and are known under the name Install-Line, Compactmodul and Modul-Line.

The new industrial kitchen technology from Inducs is the INSTINCT technology. The hobs have an even higher efficiency of no less than 95 percent, can be precisely adjusted to the degree and are available as both a built-in and a table model. Feel free to ask us about the specific differences between the various Inducs cooking series.

Inducs grilling
In addition to cooking, Inducs also allows grilling on induction. If you are going for a freestanding variant, you can choose between the INSTINCT Griddle and INSTINCT Griddle 2 zones. Both are considered powerful, easy to clean and energy efficient. The 2-zone version is the same in performance as the "regular" INSTINCT Griddle, but simply has two zones. And if you choose the INSTINCT series, you will benefit from the very latest technologies and innovations. These induction grill plates are also available as a built-in model.

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