Interior construction

Interior is a very broad concept in catering technology and large kitchen and therefore we explain here two products to those used in the interior for industrial kitchens and catering.


MDF (water repellent)

Plywood is plate-shaped composite materials that are constructed from an odd number of layers of wood veneers which are glued to each other crosswise.
Originally, the term was "triplex" only be used for plates with 3 layers and "multiplex" in front of the plates with 5 or more layers. Nowadays one uses the names "triplex" and "multiplex" also known interchangeably.
There are many different kinds of plywood, depending on the application. Plywood sheets are divided into several categories:

MDF or medium-density fibreboard is pressed board with a medium-hard density. MDF is not a brand name, but generic. (The British English spelling is fiber.) The wood fibers are dried and connected by means of resins with each other.
High-Density Fibreboard (HDF) is a higher quality of MDF in which the fibers are pressed more strongly into a plate having a higher density.
The normal MDF board is recognizable by the light brown color of the wood used as raw material and aromatic chromophores into the adhesive. In addition, today we distinguish other types of MDF. These specials are easy to spot, below a version that is used in the art kitchens and interior design for the hospitality industry.
MDF V313: This species is water resistant MDF. V313 is the name of the test to undergo successful MDF HINTS the water repellency. The MDF has a green nucleus and is of high compression. MDF V313 is water-repellent and not waterproof.